Crunching numbers is part of accounting — but it’s not the only part. At KS&Co, we're looking for accountants who have a vision that goes beyond the balance sheet or IRS form.


Why KS&Co is the Right Choice

Is it the challenging work? The camaraderie? The work/life balance? Yes. Our people list dozens of reasons why they join our team and stay here. In fact, we create reasons daily for them to build their careers with us.

+ Competitive salary and benefits.
+ Committed senior and management staff.
+ Exceptional training opportunities.
+ Quality work experiences and high levels of accountability for all staff members.
+ Consistent top marks in periodic peer reviews.
+ Longer-than-average length of employment among team members.
+ Exceptionally high morale.

Do you have what it takes to be a
member of our team?



Choosing a place to start your accounting career can be daunting. If the vision you have for your career involves more than just numbers, KS&Co could be the right choice for you. We can help you grow in depth and breadth of knowledge as you become a true business strategy professional.

Of course, lofty career goals are great, but there's more to a job than just future goals.
Consider all we offer:

  + Competitive salary and benefits
  + Friendly work environment with great camaraderie
  + Continuing education opportunities
  + Managers who can help you guide your career in the direction you want


If you've been in public accounting for a while, you probably already know exactly what you're looking for in an employer. We invite you to see if KS&Co is the right fit for you. Between challenging work that keeps you growing professionally and personally and a warm, friendly work environment that keeps you happy about coming to work every day, you'll never doubt that this is one career move that was a wise choice.

Not enough? We offer a lot of other great benefits as well:

  + Competitive salary and benefits
  + Continuing education opportunities
  + Great career coaching from senior managers and partners
  + Opportunities to work in tandem with Big 4 firms



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