If you want a true business partner who can fill your technical accounting needs and help you grow your business by asking the questions behind the numbers, KS&Co is the strategic partner you’ve been looking for. We’ll dig deep, ask the right questions, and help you achieve the goals you have for yourself and your company.


Your initial thought is probably that an audit or review meets the needs of someone else (lender, vendor, etc.) but you pay for it. This is certainly true, but ignores that attest work performed properly should provide observations and input that also help you. A few examples:

  Does the accounting required in such areas as revenue recognition or cost capitalization provide insight into the profitability of my revenues?
  Does the required accounting provide greater clarity to the economics of the transaction?
  Do the analyses that the auditors perform either provide useful information or, at a minimum, an improvement over existing process controls?

We believe you should derive value from the audit process and its outcome. Your Company was built by people who understand the business and the day to day transactions. We work with your staff on a proactive basis to assist with the analysis of routine and unusual transactions that occur. This analysis includes appropriate accounting as well as insights from a business perspective. In the employee benefit plan area, we provide services to both private company sponsors and their plans and those with SEC filings, such as Form 11-K requirements. We are a PCAOB registrant (see link below to inspection report) and also a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center.


Attest and Advisory Services

  Financial statement audit, review, and compilation
  Employee benefit plan audits, including Form 11-K filings for SEC registrants and Section 403(b) plans
  Compliance audits (Housing and Urban Development)
  OMB133 Non-Profit audits
  Agreed-upon procedure engagements
  Accounting policies and procedures development and implementation
  Outsource controller and accounting support
  SEC reporting assistance
  GAAP consulting
  Sarbanes Oxley Section 404 assistance
  Loan staffing
  Financial forecasts and projections
  Litigation support services
  Business advisory services
  Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)
  Franchisor Reporting Services


Best Practices and Use of Technology

We understand the inherent imposition an audit or review creates for your accounting staff. To that end, we use the following technology and other practices to minimize the intrusion as much as possible:

  Extensive partner involvement to accelerate decision-making on accounting and reporting
  Paperless work environment means greater synergies with your existing systems
  Evaluating and testing internal controls can be done during a slower time of the Company's year rather than during a crunch time or while preparations for the audit are underway
  Access to accounting and auditing research in the field means quicker answers to questions and a quicker turn around
  High retention rate of our accounting staff means less time spent by your accounting staff
  Access to on-line industry information provides additional insight into the problems and issues facing the Company


Transactional and Reporting Experience

Whether we are engaged to perform an audit or a review, or to assist with the analysis of the non-routine transaction, KS&Co's significant accounting, consulting, and attest skills and experience are employed during each phase of an entity's existence. As a company passes through its life cycle, different transactions will become integral to the entity's activities.


Quality Above All Else

We participate in the AICPA Peer Review program every three years with "unqualified" reports consistently since KS&Co's founding in 1991. Our latest Peer Review was completed in 2011 and our PCAOB inspection was completed in 2012. Please click below to read the latest reports with the results of these reviews..




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