When your firm needs more than just an accountant, you can trust that KS&Co has the right mix of skills and personal touch to be the wise choice for your specialized accounting needs.

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It's one thing to say we're about more than just taxes; it's another thing to prove it. KS&Co offers multiple specialized accounting services that can help your firm manage changes, sort through new accounting regulations, or meet the requirements of complex accounting issues that are beyond the scope of your internal expertise. Our clients include over 80 public companies and many venture-backed and private equity-backed companies on the West Coast who call on us for the special expertise we offer.



GAAP Consulting

In the lifespan of any company, changes are bound to occur. When a company faces an acquisition or divestiture challenge or other change in control, or comes upon complex accounting issues and challenges that require more expertise or time than internal staff are able to offer, it's time to call in the outside experts. KS&Co has the depth of knowledge and expertise with GAAP consulting to help clients through these challenges and keep their companies moving forward.


SEC and Financial Reporting

With the demand for greater corporate transparency on the rise from the consumer and regulatory sectors, SEC and financial reporting has never been more important. KS&Co has significant expertise in preparing SEC and financial reports, freeing up our clients to grow their companies without worry.


Due Diligence Requests and Analysis

A number of companies have requested our help pulling together due diligence requests and analysis. Our accounting expertise and business know-how gives us the right mix of skills to produce the reports and analyses that our clients need to move forward in their endeavors.


ASC 740 and FIN 48 Consulting

ASC 740, FIN 48, and other unique accounting for income tax issues can present challenges for many companies — whether they have internal tax departments or not. KS&Co brings a unique perspective and expertise to these issues. We bring experience in a variety of industries, an extensive network of Big 4 relationships, and a depth of technical expertise to our work on the most complex accounting for income tax issues.


Stepping in for the Big 4

On occasion, the Big 4 accounting firms have clients who need ASC 740 and other GAAP consulting work. When the Big 4 firm is already performing audit work, or when the client cannot afford the higher fees of a Big 4 for this additional consulting work, KS&Co is prepared to step in. We offer the same quality and depth of experience as the Big 4 on these more technical issues.

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